About Us

About Us!

about img SOFTMITRA TECHNOLOGY was established in the year 2016 with the objective of providing top notch services enveloping the extensive host of Information Technology. The company is presently based in Kolkata, India. The company aims at constantly improving the efficiency of its employees in general and the organization in particular. These aims of are backed up with a never ending dedication to grow, and our endless desire to excel in every aspect has given us the confidence and determination to cater to the various needs and aspirations of the IT field in a simple and a user friendly manner which ensure optimum use of the available resources.

Our Skills

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    An ideal infrastructure reflects your working standard and it is considered as an important aspect which distinguishes our work culture than others. We use the latest technology to continue the flow of operation. A perfect online business service is correlated with suitable work environment. Having superior technical knowledge, our professional and experienced support team serves you quite efficiently.
    • We deal with reliable, high-speed and data network that suits perfectly with customer requirement.
    • We are capable to handle multichannel projects and requirement chats.
    • We have a infrastructure that is quite easy-to-upgrade. Our professional team members can easily adopt the work culture.
    • Our team is associated with full technical support and best-in-class technologies to serve the customers in an efficient way

Mission & Vision

Get a powerful online presence by partnering with us as we are here to strengthen your online visibility. We deal with customer centric solutions to shape your desire by creating an ideal digitized business model that is designed for your business. Get connected with us to start a new venture that holds infinite possibilities regarding your business growth. So, we welcome you to improve your online presence with our versatile web solutions.
• We are passionate, enthusiastic and determined to provide you the best outcome. We motivate your online identity in an innovative way.
• Our key responsibility is to find out the best option for your online business portal. We are dedicated and careful in solving whatever requirement you have.
• We blend new technologies with innovative concepts to turn your visitors into customers. A professional website generates your business growth by focusing on better return on investment.
• Our responsive web technology and robust software architecture drives flawless performance with intelligent user interface and rich customer experience.

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